A family company that dates back to the beginning of 1974, it started as a maritime provider for fishing boats such as “Pesca Atlántica,” ships of the Uruguayan State, ships of the Polish State, and others.

  • 1947

    It’s founder and current Director, Mr. Miguel Regusci, did not start his the supply business by chance: he had family connections in the shipping vessel industry. His father, Engineer Armando Regusci, was the owner and founder in 1947 of Uruguay's largest dock, the “Regusci Voulminot”, which now belongs to the Greek company “Tsakos.”

  • 2006

    Over the years, the company's has had the vision to expand and look for new opportunities. In 2006, the company began to operate the Free Shop on “La Cacciola” vessels covering the El Tigre - Carmelo route.

  • 2012

    Some time later in 2012, thanks to the experience acquired at the Duty Free Shop in “La Cacciola”, we were able to operate the Free Shop in the “Colonia Express” which covers the route between Buenos Aires and Colonia.

  • 2013

    Lastly at the beginning of 2013 we opened a Duty Free shop called “Duty Free Shop 447” on the Brazilian border, in the city of Aceguá.

Thanks to the experience acquired throughout the years, the business synergies, and by keeping the company´s original family structure, Provimex is a company that treats its clients in a very personal way, and is able to cover the clients' needs while providing excellent services at a very low cost.

Since 2013, making the most out of the cruiser boom in the Port of Montevideo, Provimex began to provide supplies for vessels, such as those that belong to the Royal Caribbean company.

We have earned the trust of our clients, and our profitability has increased year after year. We wish to continue to grow in this line of business, which is Provimex's field of expertise.

The offices are strategically located a few blocks from the Port of Montevideo, at the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town), which allows for quick responsiveness. At these offices at the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) the company has a cooling and a freezing chamber where tit can store its weekly shipments.