We are a family company that was founded in 1974 as a maritime supplier. Our offices are located just a few steps from the Port of Montevideo, but our current logistics allow us to operate all over Uruguay.

Currently, the company has expanded its lines of action to other horizons, such as Free Shops (Acequá) and Duty-Free (Cacciola). This expansion gives us good prices in Bonded Store, providing Maritime Supplier colleagues and passenger ships with Free Shop as in the “Colonia Express.”


To meet the needs of our clients in terms of timeliness, form and reasonable price.

To understand the requirements of each particular client, and to have the capacity to adapt and be able to satisfy those requirements.


To be a renowned company, with an image of reliability, seriousness, and responsibility.





Granjas del Uruguay

The main supplier of fruits and vegetables with the highest quality for the market. The company has a track record of more than 25 years in the market.

An area for the selection and packing of fruits, another area that is specially equipped for the classification, washing, and packaging of vegetables.

It also has an Organic Certified Farm, which is currently being restored with internal financing and is directed by the Agricultural Engineer Eduardo Sardi, with most of its extension dedicated to the production of aromatic herbs of the best quality and variety. It has traded for many years with well-known companies such as: Hotel Cottage, My Suites, Gardeña, Regency, Sheraton Montevideo, Victoria Plaza Hotel among others.

Some of our clients